Risk Management Services

Risk Management is a critical part of providing sound governance across organizational activities. We work with you to adopt a consistent and holistic risk management approach to be fully integrated into the management of the organization.

We use a risk management framework to concentrate on value creation, education, and financial impact. We can fix a problem, act as a sounding board, create, develop, and implement single or comprehensive solutions.

In other words, we take the necessary action to assist with identifying and managing risk to increase the likelihood that objectives and goals will be achieved. Implementation of controls is one method used to manage risk. We use our audit skills to evaluate the key controls and provide reasonable assurance of the management of significant risks, help reduce unacceptable risks to a tolerable level so that objectives and goals will be achieved.

Our services include establishing risk-based plans to determine the priorities, consistent with organizational goals. We assist in developing a risk-based plan, a framework, considering risk appetite levels set by management. If a framework does not exist, we work with you to establish one!